Beautiful WordPress 3.3 Site in Under 30 Minutes

Edit Now it has a custom theme… Ilana C. Myer

My wife needed a professional site. What were we to do?


arom conception to reality it took 30 minutes. I didn’t design the site from scratch. There are thousands of beautiful free themes out there. has a great way to filter through themes by the specific features you are looking for. For me it was like browsing through a toy store.

I have a multisite installation of WordPress set up so it was just a click of the button setting up a new site for her. Mapping the domain took about 30 seconds and enabling the theme another thought… Without multisite it would probably have taken 31 minutes, because WordPress is THAT easy to set up.

The only thing that took time was deciding on the theme, and then figuring out information structure – taxonomy etc.

We have plans to hack up / adapt the theme we chose to fit our needs better. It probably will look nothing like the original theme when we’re done. My only conundrum is at what point do I remove the author’s name (since he may not want his name on a hacked up site).

* * *

This was also my first opportunity to play with WordPress version 3.3. It’s a pleasure. The focus has always been on the user with WordPress, but now they took it to another level. Kudos guys!

Here’s three of my favorite features:

  • The drag and drop multimedia embedder is wonderful. It makes adding images to a post almost frictionless.
  • The new admin menus are a pleasure to use; No more multiple clicks to get to submenus, Easy to navigate admin bar. I’m looking forward to playing with the admin area api. It should add the ability to make themes as a product for clients a more professional package.
  • Updated jQuery and jQuery UI. I’m a strong supporter of keeping supporting scripts up to date. This makes everything work better!