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I had the pleasure of working with and directly managing Jack up until widespread layoffs hit at Shopify. Jack was initially moved to my team as a result of some restructuring from shifting priorities. Jack had been working as a FED on his previous team, and upon joining my team switched disciplines to BED. Jack […]

Kyle Petroski, Engineering Manager at Shopify

Highly recommend Jack for senior developer and team leadership roles! I managed Jack on the Theme Store Team and he is great! 🔍 Product-oriented, user-focused, and delivers high quality solutions.🤝 Great at facilitating team and craft rituals (planning sessions, retros, RCAs, pair programming)🎯 Collaborates seamlessly with data, product, and UX teams.💡 Always eager to learn, […]

Joanna Klekotka, Development Manager at Shopify

I met Jack totally through happenstance but couldn’t be happier to say I had the pleasure of working alongside one of the most organized, optimistic “can-do” folks I’ve ever met. Jack is equal part thinker and doer. After meeting briefly and discussing a number of potential optimizations for our internal teams Jack quickly identified and […]

Natalie Griffith, Senior Strategic Success Manager, Enterprise at Shopify

Jack is a fantastic developer with a strong product sense. He has an incredible knack for tracking down important problems, and prototyping them in a way that’s clarifying and compelling. At the same time he’s a very humble and kind person to work with. I’d love to work with Jack again – he’s amazing.

Russell Baylis, Senior Designer at Shopify

Jack impressed me with his soft skills as well as technical skills when he was my Technical Lead at BueVoyant. He really cared about the people on his team and took the time to get to know everyone personally. This connection helped him build a culture of mutual support in an environment that was under […]

Jeff Geer, Software Engineer at BlueVoyant

Jack is a great software engineer who has the right mix of technical talent, leadership, and empathy that makes him a real asset to any team. He is a real difference maker and will hold the team to a high standard through passionate discourse because he truly does care. It was a pleasure working with […]

Neel Arora, Software Engineer at BlueVoyant

Jack has a rare combination in the software development word of technical talent, and human skills. Often in engineering we value the “rockstars” that can bang out code like there’s no tomorrow but at the sacrifice of the ability to mentor, collaborate, and demonstrate empathy. Jack has both halves of the coin which is increasingly […]

Chris Teekema, Head of MSS Client Delivery at BlueVoyant

Jack is such a pleasure to work with. Jack’s technical skills speak for themselves, but his willingness to selflessly assist others is what makes him a difference maker. Jack also has a great deal of patience and exceptional communication skills, which is especially helpful to all of those non-coder specialists. Thanks for everything Jack!

Zachary Parker, Senior Enterprise Vulnerability Analyst at BlueVoyant

I brought Jack on board during a time when the future of in-house development at ISDA was very much in question. He quickly demonstrated that not only could we maintain our existing sites and refactor them, using modern best practices, but it quickly became clear that with Jack leading the efforts, we could expand our […]

Dillon Miller, Chief Technology Officer at ISDA

I hired Jack during the early days of a NYC-based security startup. Jack came to me with a strong sense of what ‘right looked like’ and his attention to detail, desire to be a role model/leader and ability to get from designs to finished product while minimizing delays/defects placed him on the fast track to […]

Ed Martin, Head of MSS Engineering, BlueVoyant

With one lunch, Jack changed our company. After stumbling around for over a year building out our data systems and web interfaces, I asked Jack to join myself and a partner for lunch, and to share some advice. He listened carefully, and even though he didn’t know our industry, he was able to identify our […]

Joshua Frankel, Operations Manager, Creating Alpha Through Efficiency

I’ve had few managers as amazing as Jack throughout my career, and even fewer who I can call both a mentor and friend. Jack was my manager during my time at ISDA in 2014. His standout trait is how deeply he cares about the progress of the web developers on his team. Not only did […]

Liza Ramo, Senior Instructor & Curriculum Developer, NYCDA

I met Jack in March of 2016 when he volunteered to assist the company I work for with our Start-up Festival. It was a pleasure to work with Jack. He is an honest and patient communicator as well as professional, trustworthy and hardworking. Jack was quick to assist with any task, ego-free, was able to […]

Ashley Whitehurst, Chief of Staff, LAUNCH

During my time working at ISDA, Jack was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was always available when assistance was needed and always provided great and thoughtful feedback. My skills in web development greatly increased due to Jack’s mentor-ship.

William Salazar, Software Engineer, Akkadian Labs

Jack is an outstanding web developer. Jack has an amazing ability to learn new development methodologies, adopt and implement them quickly and correctly. During the time we worked together he has proven to be a great team player who goes beyond his duty to reach company goals. Jack will be a significant asset for any […]

Yaniv Cohen, R&D Team Leader, WorldMate

I’ve worked side by side with Jack at WorldMate. Jack’s work was professional, precise, flawless and creative. Jack is a very talented developer, his knowledge enabling him to create smart and efficient code and his eye for details guarantees an accurate result with an impeccable finish. I’m really glad to have had the opportunity to […]

Eilon Carmi, Product Manager, WorldMate

I chose Jack as my programmer for the back end of two major websites using WordPress 3 as the CMS system. His programming knowledge as well as his knowledge of WordPress made it a pleasure to work with him. No design problem or bug was insurmountable. He was available at all times when we needed […]

Steve Spinner, Founder, Spinner Design Studios

Jack helped me develop a website that I feel incredibly proud of, and he was very patient in sitting with me to explain how all the software works so that I could update it myself in the future. Jack’s knowledge of the IT/web world is extensive. There is no question that I asked him that […]

Ilene Prusher, Journalist

Jack Reichert helped me get my blog up and running, as well as designing and adding features. He was great fun to work with, answered my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, gave me many new ideas, was punctual and charged a reasonable fee. I highly recommend him to anyone else interested in blogging or creating a […]

Yosef Gotlieb, Director, Editing Program, David Yellin College

Jack Reichert helped me get my blog up and running, as well as designing and adding features. He was great fun to work with, answered my questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, gave me many new ideas, was punctual and charged a reasonable fee. I highly recommend him to anyone else interested in blogging or creating a […]

Hannah Brown, Journalist