Liza Ramo, Senior Instructor & Curriculum Developer, NYCDA

I’ve had few managers as amazing as Jack throughout my career, and even fewer who I can call both a mentor and friend. Jack was my manager during my time at ISDA in 2014.

His standout trait is how deeply he cares about the progress of the web developers on his team. Not only did he encourage us to spend time on our side projects and attend tech meetups and conferences around the city, he also conducted lunch and learns every Tuesday to keep us apprised of the latest industry topics. Jack regularly held discussions with each team member about our future at the company and outlined clear steps to achieve our goals.

He allows each web developer total autonomy throughout the entire timeline of our projects – from meetings with stakeholders, to planning and designing, through implementation and rollout. He also encouraged us to learn and implement new technology in our projects.

Jack strongly emphasizes the importance of work/life balance; he believes having a life outside work is essential to creativity in the workplace. He himself is one of the most interesting people I know; he is always reading a new book, meeting new people, trying new dinner recipes and exploring new places – if he’s never done it before, he makes it a priority to try it. For Jack, expanding his being and having new experiences is an everyday practice.

Jack would be a true asset to any team looking for an effective and empowering manager and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.