I just emailed NASA. If anyone knows anyone who works there, please put me in touch. This HAS to happen, doesn’t need to be me… But this HAS to happen.

To whom it may concern,

I am a space enthusiast and web developer. I manage a team of developers and have been building websites for over 10 years now.

I saw the video here and was inspired, but also frustrated. It’s a beautiful campaign, but the monies do not go directly to you. I’m sure what they’re doing is important, but I know people would prefer to donate directly.

I truly believe that most americans would happily donate $1/yr and many $1/mo just to see NASA do all it wants to do.

I was upset to discover that the only way to donate directly is via this form:

How are people supposed to do that? Countless dollars have gone into researching the best ways to remove all boundaries from people who want to donate/pay with their money.

Is there no legal way to bring this into a simple online form?

I would be happy to set up a simple page through which all the money would go directly to you. I would be happy to do this gratis, only for my love of NASA and all NASA has done and does. I believe that simple metrics on that page showing a goal and how far we are from there would be all that’s needed to inspire.

Please let me do this for you!!!

If you are interested in considering just let me know and I’ll mock up a design.

Best wishes,

Jack Reichert