Ep5 – We are here to make a choice between the quick and the dead

ON June 14, 1946 The Baruch plan was proposed  during it’s first meeting of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission.

Less than a year after the US dropped fat man and little boy it was time to put in motion a plan to make sure that such destruction could be prevented from ever happening again.

Text to full the speech.

Why this speech?

There are few things that effected the geopolitical landscape of today as greatly as World War II.

However, even knowing people who have lived through the war, and reading countless books, and lectures and courses about the war it is still something that is hard to fathom.

This speech is a powerful reminder of what had been at stake, what sacrifices had to be made, and what actions had to be taken to ensure victory.

But in the fabric of this speech, too, is an echo of the fears, and hopes following the War.

About the image: From the cemetary in which Yeats was buried