The Green New Deal that Isn’t

I’ve been hearing about the Green New Deal for over a year now. I was really excited about it, initially. Finally, our government is putting forth legislation that will do something about all the damage we’re causing. Maybe there will be a future for our planet!

Today I Learned that the “Green New Deal” is not actually a “Green New Deal.” It actually is legislation calling to write a Green New Deal, the title: “H.Res.109 – Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.”

I decided to read it and was so frustrated by it I marked it up with a red pen.

First of all it’s vague. There are a lot of unspecific goals and general statements. It could have been far more impactful with clearer, measurable goals, and more sources.

I found one measurable goal: “meeting 100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.” This is important, but only one part of the many climate issues we have to tackle. Carbon sinks, renewable agriculture practices, and industrial pollutants – to name a few – are barely mentioned.

The resolution comes across as being poorly researched, and is far from being the “gold standard” it’s touted to be. Frankly I’m disappointed, they should do better.

If a legislator was serious about creating a well-researched Green New Deal they should be engaging with the good people at Project Drawdown. That project is a clear roadmap to reverse the climate damage we’ve created through economically viable, and often profitable, solutions. Their plan is basically the deal they are looking to write.

About the image: Mendicino Headlands State Park