Please Unfollow Me

If you followed me during the election because we share values, but you don’t “believe” my people have a right to self determination in their homeland, you can go ahead and unfollow me now.

Please let the door hit your backside on the way out.

I’m American and Jewish. I was brought to Israel as a teen. I’m now Israeli too, and I served in the IDF.

The great imperial colonizers (Greece and Rome) colonized my people’s land over 2000 years ago.

They culturally appropriated my people’s holy texts. They then slaughtered my people on their way to “free” MY Holy Land, which they also appropriated, from the other people of the region who culturally appropriated my people’s holy texts.

We were spread around the globe and denied the same rights, even after hundreds of years, as the rest of the population. We couldn’t own land in Christian countries and were forced to pay “tribute” taxes in Muslim countries. There were pogroms against us in both.

My great grandfather left Poland for America after one of these pogroms.

The echoes of “Jews will not replace us” and shootings in synagogues and stabbings in Brooklyn are a constant reminder of the importance of having my homeland. It’s not perfect, but it does a hell of a lot better than you all give it credit for.

In 2020 the UN passed 17 resolutions that either single out or condemn the Jewish state. They passed 6 against abuses by the rest of the world combined. 2020 wasn’t special when it comes to condemnations against Israel.

I went to high school in Jerusalem, the bus line I went to school on was blown up twice, a week apart, by suicide bombers. The restaurants I ate in with my friends was blown up. The bus stop where I waited to go home was blown up too.

My best friend’s older brother was shot in a drive by shooting waiting for a bus in front of his school.

That stopped, mostly, when the wall was built.

My heart goes out to the descendants of the people who were settled in my land by colonizers after my people were persecuted and forced out.

I hope some day they will choose peace over violence. I hope that wall can be taken down some day.

Originally tweeted by Jack Reichert (@JackReichert) on December 27, 2020.