Yet Another Website Relaunch

Throughout my career I have relaunched this site quite a few times. I’ve used it to explore new web technologies that I can then then leverage on my job.

The first site I launched was when I moved from Israel to New York. It was a portfolio of the work I had done. I stressed for weeks over getting the site perfect, even after we moved, because New York intimidated me.

The day I updated my LinkedIn profile I was contacted by two headhunters. After three weeks of interviews I landed a job at ISDA.

One time I rebuilt my site I used it to learn how to manage a server myself. Digital Ocean had really great tutorials that got me started. Hosting was safer and cheaper that way, and I got to learn about systems administration. I ended up managing the website servers at work too.

Around the time ReactJS came out, WordPress launched wp-api. I built a React Redux WordPress theme. Then I used what I had learned building that to integrate ReactJS into the new ISDA homepage. Until recently that project was the most starred and forked ReactJS/Redux WordPress theme on github. As of writing this it’s still in 2nd place.

After joining BlueVoyant I wanted to switch up technologies. I switched to Hugo, because I was using Go there. The only thing I paid for was the domain, and it was REALLY fast. But publishing was a pain. I love using my iPad to write, and Hugo really needed a development environment to work well.

In the most recent launch I figured out how to leverage to be a backend for my JAMStack. This way I could use the excellent WordPress app, but could still host it for free.

There are a few pitfalls with this. First, Google doesn’t index single page applications well. Which sucks. I did some things to mitigate this, but it’s not great.

Also, I really want people to be able to subscribe to new posts. I could build something, but that would take time. Which brings me to the reason for my current iteration.

There were times I wanted to learn something non web related, but didn’t have time because I was working on my site. It’s time to finally do that.

This site is fully hosted on No frills, except for the basic plan so I can use my domain.

I’m paying them so that I can use the time I’d spend on my site to explore other paths of knowledge.

It’s not as beautiful as my previous iterations, to be honest, I was disappointed with the options. It costs double to use custom CSS. What I chose works.

Expect more posts more often now. Some about these new paths of knowledge I’m exploring.

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