0. On Being 42, and the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

As a person who is now 42, I feel like I’m supposed to know all the answers.

I remember being nine and thinking that I now have a framework for all knowledge. To clarify, I didn’t think I knew everything, just that I sorta understood how things connected together, and how to fill in the holes.

My parents told me that nine year olds, and middle aged people know everything.

Now that I’m 42, I don’t feel “middle-aged” but according to the definition of “middle-aged” being 40 – 60, I am? So do I know everything now?


But I have collected some tips, personal values, ideas about how the world works — 42 of them, and I’m open sharing.

I believe strongly in cultivating and pondering of values, I did study philosophy in college. The Oxford dictionary defines value as: “a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life.”

These are mine. They may not fit everyone. But I do hope that even if one doesn’t fit you, it’ll make you think about things differently.

These aren’t all mine. Some I picked up from other people, and I’ll give credit where it’s due. But then, after picking them up, I did make them mine. I haven’t added anything to this list that I haven’t incorporated into me.

Instead of writing out a bulleted list of 42 random ideas, that you’ll glance through quickly and then forget, I thought I’d challenge myself by writing out a blogpost about each.

I’ve been wanting to write more here, so here is my opportunity… Or excuse?

Here’s the list: (I’ll update as I write them)

  1. Wear Sunscreen
  2. Make it Work, Then Make it Work Well
  3. Hopes and Dreams are the Fuel
  4. Take the Pretty Routes
  5. Take Shortcuts, But Do the Work
  6. Gamify, All the Things!
  7. Exercise and Stretch Your Body, Mind, and Soul Every Day
  8. The “Good Shit” Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone
  9. Don’t Wait Until it is Empty to Refill Your Tank
  10. People Are Paid for the Value They Create for Others — That Does Not Mean That That is Their Worth
  11. Travel, It Expands Your Soul
  12. The Tools You Use Change the Way You Think
  13. Don’t Join a Tribe, Instead, Embrace Nuance
  14. Set an Intention
  15. Be a PIG Person

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Note: (almost) all of the photos were taken by me. Ask me about one if you’re curious.