What I want to do next

After sharing that I was laid off this past week along with 20% of Shopify I was asked what I want to do next.


I’m eager to build and lead a team as a software engineering manager or technical lead in a company that embraces experimentation, best development practices, and empowers people. My goal is to help grow a company as I grow as a manager, cultivate other people and, leaders.

• 7+ years in management as a director, manager, and technical lead
• 13+ years full stack as a software engineer in FED, BED, and DevOps

I’m primarily looking for remote position, but would consider hybrid or on-site for the right opportunity.

What I know

As a manager I have a wealth of experience mentoring and growing people, figuring out where they’re blocked, and helping them get into their zone of excellence.

I love solving problems by getting the smartest people into a room and finding the best solution forward. Once solutions have been identified I know how to break them down into manageable pieces.

As an engineer I’ve worked up and down the stack, I authored the most forked and starred ReactJS/Redux WordPress theme. I architected and built an automation orchestration ETL on top of Argo/K8s. I’ve redesigned and refactored entire websites including complex forms and multiple e-commerce integrations.

Here are some of the technologies I’ve used in production environments:

JavaScript/TypeScript/NodeJS ♦ ReactJS/Redux ♦ Vue.js ♦ Python ♦ Ruby+Rails ♦ Golang ♦ CSS ♦ PHP ♦ WordPress ♦ Postgres/MySQL ♦ NoSQL/MongoDB ♦ Splunk ♦ DevOps ♦ Docker ♦ Argo ♦ Ansible ♦ AWS

What I want

I’m looking to build teams again. I left my position as a Director to strengthen my technological skillset, and accomplished that. I love building things, that’s why I became a developer initially. What I discovered, though, was that I thrive when building up people and working with them to build things great.

I’m looking for a position as a engineering manager or technical lead in a company that believes that when you invest in your people, and empower them, you will have magical outcomes.

My Background

As the Director of Web Development and Lead Full-stack Developer at ISDA, I built the web department from the ground up. As Technical Lead for BlueVoyant’s MSS Engineering team I spearheaded and architected the development of a major re-haul of our automation platform. At Shopify I pulled together a team of 20+ people from around the company, and world, to build an ambassador program that empowers and trains employees to run meetups for the purpose of evangelizing the company’s mission and product.

In addition to my leadership experience, as a Senior Developer at Shopify I rebuilt themes.shopify.com’s homepage and built out observability instrumentation for discounts. I was also the Lead Front-end Developer for Blackberry Travel’s web application and the technical co-founder of Green Prophet, the Premier Middle East environmental news site.

I joined ISDA as their only web developer, a last effort to keep web in-house. I quickly showed that I could manage all their needs, and they had me build a team. After building there for almost 7 years I wanted to spread my wings.

I got that job relatively young in my development career, so I wanted to grow my skills as an individual contributor. So I joined BlueVoyant. I very quickly proved myself there as well and became a technical lead. 

After almost 4 years there I had an opportunity to join Shopify. I was excited for the challenge of a top-tier public company, and excited to have “made it” as an engineer.

Now that I’ve been out in the world, and have grown as an engineer, I’d really love to grow teams again. I thrived doing that. I enjoy strategizing projects, and helping people grow.


If you know of a role that matches my interests you can find me on LinkedIn or check out my resume.

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