Today I was laid off with 20% of Shopify

Update: Some people have asked what I’m looking to do next.


As a philosophy major and self-taught engineer, getting hired by one of the highest regarded companies for its technical innovation has been a dream. I made it through the first round almost a year ago, where 10% were laid off. Unfortunately this time I was swept off along with several thousand of my peers.

One of the things that stuck out most from my experience working at Shopify was the quality of people I got to work with. Shopify hired for excellence, but also goodness. And for that, too, I’m also honored to be an alumnus.

What’s next?

Well, I’ve helped quite a few people with their tech careers, so I know what to do. One thing I plan, though, is to be very public about this process.

I love mentoring others. I’ve had the honor of doing it quite a bit over the years: As a manager, a director, a tech lead, and as a senior developer.

So I’m going to model here, and elsewhere online, what I’m doing to get my next position. My hope is that is in being open about what I’m doing and how, I can help others along the way.

So here’s my game plan:

  • My first priority is to brush up on my interview skills. In tech that means algorithms. So I’ll be reactivating my AlgoExpert account and do at least one a day.
  • I also need to keep my skills sharp, so I plan on reading at least a chapter a day from a tech book.
  • In addition, in order to keep my skills sharp, I plan on building side projects. Something that will keep me thinking in code, and about systems. More to come on that front.
  • Obviously, I’ll need to apply for jobs. I’ve already updated my LinkedIn profile that I’m looking, and signed up for their pro service.

I’m sad—it was a great experience working at Shopify. I’ll miss the people I worked with, and I still very much believe in the mission. I was proud to be a part of that.

But I’m also feeling optimistic. I have the skills to rock any team; as an engineer or manager, I’ve excelled at both. I know at this point that it’s a numbers game. Whatever is going on in the economy, unless all technology is wiped out, almost every company out there needs someone with my skills. And I know I’ll be an asset to whomever I work with.

I’ve also had some ideas I wanted to explore, this is a great time. As long as do the four things I listed above daily, I can explore those other avenues to my heart’s content.

If you are looking for someone with my skills, or know someone who does, feel free to connect with me on linkedin. Or email awesome “at” this domain.

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Wish me luck, and watch this space.