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  • Today I was laid off with 20% of Shopify

    Today I was laid off with 20% of Shopify

    Update: Some people have asked what I’m looking to do next. * As a philosophy major and self-taught engineer, getting hired by one of the highest regarded companies for its technical innovation has been a dream. I made it through the first round almost a year ago, where 10% were laid off. Unfortunately this time…

  • Technical Interviews

    Technical Interviews

    I’ve gotten compliments on the technical challenges I’ve set up for applicants interviewing to join my team… from the applicants themselves. People don’t always perform well with an audience, and rarely do we code in front of others during our day-to-day. Pair Programing is an over-looked powerful practice, it helps a ton with these anxieties,…

  • Thoughts about “Who” and Hiring

    Thoughts about “Who” and Hiring

    Finished reading “Who” this week. I found it an interesting approach to hiring. I’d read it if I were looking for a job as well to prepare for interviews, though it’s not designed for that. Takeaways: Take hiring seriously, this should be obvious but it’s easy to let it get lost in all the other…